Santa Catarina Roof Tile

The Santa Catarina roof tile is a typical tile, the perfect choice for roof restoration, or new buildings, or either luxury resorts, combining a rustic and traditional design.

This roof tile is produced with the best clay of the region, offering an interesting range of solutions for your roof, according to the characteristics of each.

On the other hand, the Santa Catarina tile matches perfectly with our terracotta floor tiles, as they are built with the same clay mixture.

The Santa Catarina roof tile can also be combined with old ones, giving an interesting effect to houses with a more traditional architecture. This happens in many luxury areas in the Algarve, such as Quinta do Lago, Vale de Lobo, Pinheiros Altos, Vilamoura, etc.


WeightAverage lengthNarrowest widthLargest widthTiles per m²
1,6 kg415 mm150 mm170 mmAprox. 30

The Old Roof Tile – The Santa Catarina Roof tile after a few decades.

We also supply old tiles, with a more rustic look, acquired over the years. This is the ideal solution when you plan to rebuild old houses or cottages, or when you just want to give a rustic look to your house.